Why Wales?


6 young people travelled 400 miles to the demo in London

Dual citizenship

Bradley Manning was born in the United States on 17 December 1987, the son of Brian and Susan Manning. As the son of an American father, born on US soil, Bradley Manning has held US citizenship since birth.

Bradley’s mother Susan Manning was born Susan Fox in Haverfordwest in 1953. In law she is a UK citizen “otherwise than by descent”. Under the terms of the British Nationality Act 1981, “British citizens otherwise than by descent automatically transmit their nationality to children born abroad.” Bradley Manning is a British citizen “by descent” and has been since birth.

When UK government may intervene

  www.fco.gov.uk/resources/en/pdf/2855621/english-summary. The guide
> states: “If you are a dual national in the state of your other
> nationality (for example, a dual US-British national in the US), we
> would not normally offer you support or get involved in dealings between
> you and the authorities of that state. We may make an exception to this
> rule if, having looked at the circumstances of the case, we consider
> that there is a special humanitarian reason to do so. These
> circumstances might include cases involving minors, forced marriages or
> an offence which carries the death penalty”.



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