these pages were a good length for people to read at a public event, add a What you can do paragraph. The next phase of our campaign is being planned. Hopefully information from the open day at Leavenworth for the media will clarify when and how Bradley’s conditions will be improved.

Page one:


Bradley Manning was arrested26 May 2010for releasing classified information to Wikileaks.

March 2011 22 additional charges including ‘aiding the enemy’ which is treason, a capital offense

He is kept 23 hours a day in a tiny windowless cell, with an hour ‘recreation’ which is walking in a figure of 8 in an empty room. His arms and legs are shackled when he leaves the cell and on visits, he is punished for exercising or sleeping in the day, he has no company, the guards are not allowed to talk to him, he has no personal possessions, is stripped at night, woken if he turns on his side or his face, and has to respond to the guards with YES SIR at all times. Bradley was 23 in December.

He wrote about one incident:

The harassment by the guards continued as I was escorted to my one hour of recreation.  When I arrived at the recreation room, I was told to stand still so they could remove my leg restraints.  As I stood still, one of the guards yelled “I told you to stand still.” I replied “yes Corporal, I am standing still.”  Another guard then said, “you mean ‘aye’ Corporal.”  Next, the same guard said “I thought we covered this, you say ‘aye’ and not ‘yes,’ do you understand?”  I responded “aye Sergeant.”  Right after I replied, I was once again yelled at to “stand still.”  Due to being yelled at and the intensity of the guards, I mistakenly replied, “yes Corporal, I am standing still.”  As soon as I said this, I attempted to correct myself by saying “aye” instead of “yes,” but it was too late.  One of the guards starting yelling at me again, “what don’t you understand” and “are we going to have a problem?”

Once the leg restraints were taken off of me, I took a step back from the guards.  My heart was pounding in my chest, and I could feel myself getting dizzy.  I sat down to avoid falling.  When I did this, the guards took a step towards me.  I instinctively backed away from them.  As soon as I backed away, I could tell by their faces that they were getting ready to restrain me.  I immediately put my hands up in the air, and said “I am not doing anything, I am just trying to follow your orders.”  The guards then told me to start walking.  I complied with their order by saying “eye” instead of “yes.”

“Only later did I learn that there had been a protest outside the gates of Quantico the previous day…The rally was intended to bring attention to the conditions of my confinement.  It is my belief that my treatment on 18 January 2010 by the guards and later by the PCF Commander was related to this protest and my earlier complaints.”

“After being returned to my cell, I started to read a book. About 30 minutes later, the PCF Commander, CWO4 James Averhart, came to my cell.  He asked me what had happened during my recreation call.  As I tried to explain to him what had occurred, CWO4 Averhart stopped me and said “I am the commander” and that “no one could tell him what to do.”  He also said that he was, for all practical purposes, “God.”  I responded by saying “you still have to follow Brig procedures.”  I also said “everyone has a boss that they have to answer to.”  As soon as I said this, CWO4 Averhart ordered that I be placed in Suicide Risk Status.

Admittedly, once I heard I would be placed under suicide risk I became upset. Out of frustration I placed my hands to my head and clenched my hair with my fingers. I did yell “Why are you doing this to me. I also yelled “Why are you punishing me” and  “I have done nothing wrong”  I then asked CWO4 Averhart “What have I done to deserve this type of treatment?”

 Averhart did not answer any of my questions. He instructed the guards to enter my cell and take all of my clothing. At first I tried to reason with CWO4 Averhart by telling him I had been a model detainee and by asking him just to tell me what he wanted me to do and I would do it. However I gave up trying to reason with him once the guards entered my cell and ordered me to strip. Instead I lowered my head and started taking off my clothing.

 On January 18 2011, Manning was placed under “suicide risk”, which resulted in his remaining in his cell for 24 hours a day. He was stripped of all clothing with the exception of his underwear. His eyeglasses were removed, which left him, as he describes in “total blindness”.

Page two:


“Dyma dechrau ymgyrch pwysig, sy’n gallu tyfu trwy’r byd. Gallwn ni fod yn falch iawn bod Cymro ynghanol hyn.”

Mae e’n un o’r dynion mwyaf dewr a moesol yn yr byd, ac mae e wedi cael ei arteithio ers 10 mis mewn carcher milwrol yn yr Unol Dalieithau.

Mae e’n Gymro ac hefyd milwr yn yr Unol Dalieithau: mae’n ddinesydd o’r ddwy wlad.

Bradley Manning yw e, 23 oed, gyda mam a theulu yn Sir Benfro, lle aeth e i’r ysgol Uchradd.

Beth mae pobl yn credu ei fod e wedi’i wneud?  Dim ond dweud y gwir wrth y byd trwy Wikileaks. Cyhoeddodd pethau sy’n rhaid cael eu cyhoeddi, fel methiannau a cholledion yn Afghanistan, cymaint o bobl sy wedi marw, cymaint ohonynt sy’n ddinasyddion, 1,300 enghraifft o arteithio yn Iraq ac yn y blaen.

 Wrth gwrs torrodd e ei gytundeb, roedd e’n gweithio fel swyddog intelligence yn Iraq. Efallai bod hyn yn ddrwg; ond byddai dweud dim a chadw’n dawel am y pethau ofnadwy hyn yn waeath

 Dyma brwydr rhwng daioni a drygioni, rhwng lywodraeth agor a democrataidd, a gormes a chyfrinach. Dyma dechrau ymgyrch pwysig, sy’n gallu tyfu trwy’r byd. Gallwn ni fod yn falch iawn bod Cymro ynghanol hyn.

 Mae’n cael ei dala mewn cell bitw heb ffenestri, 23 awr pob dydd.
Caiff awr mewn stafell wag arall i gerdded rownd ond pan mae’n gadael ei gell, mae’n gwisgo canghennau ar ei ddwylo a’i draed.

 Ni chaiff hyd yn oed y gwilwyr siarad ag e. Ond mae rhaid iddo ddweud, “Yes Sir” wrthynt pob 5 munud! Gallant ei ddihuno trwy’r nos; os bydd  yn ceisio ymarfer corff, neu cysgu yn ystod y dydd, caiff ei cosbi! 

 Page three:


 For example:

  • Military abuse eg 1,600 reports by coallition forces of torture, observed by them or reported to them, plus policy to ignore nearly all reports
  • Film, photographs and reports of civilian killings sometimes for sport
  •  Number of civilians killed
  •  Defeats and failings in Afghanistan
  •  Corruption and under-cover deals with governments
  •  Predictions of changes ahead people need to know about

At times wikileaks shows coalition forces in good light or in an unfortunate light, eg trying to stop torture in Iraq or getting rejected when trying to ‘build bridges’ inAfghanistan.

Page four


TheU.S.campaign: Courage to Resist supports military personnel who resist doing wrong in the forces.

Until March there was only theU.S.campaign protesting and raising money for Bradley’s legal defense.

March 2011 demonstrations of support for Bradley happened in 30 cities in the world on the same day. The biggest afterQuanticowhere he is in prison, was inLondon.

Young people from Pembrokeshire went there and inspired the crowd with their words and songs.

Since then the campaign has exploded …

  •  Motion before parliament (EDM 1624) and
  • Debate in UK parliament
  • Letters, formal representations to U.S. from
  • UK and German governments
  • All the Christian churches inWales
  • United Nations who along with Amnesty andU.S.consul are refused an official visit to Bradley
  • Bradley’s mum officially asks for UK consular help
  • Over 250 legal experts in U.S. call his treatment unconstitutional and illegal
  • Over 500,000 sign online petition with Avaaz


 And on Tuesday 19th a move was announced to prison where he will be out of solitary confinement and out of his cell for hours a day.

Weds. 20th move happened. Journalists invited round the prison on open day.

Protests escalate throughout U.S. including drowning speech by Obama with a song about Bradley. Obama said they had better voices than he did.


The Welsh family of Bradley said that both they and his U.S family believed the UK campaign had led to this success. They especially thanked the Pembrokeshire campaign.

 We have a track record of successful campaigning, making democracy work.

Kett said

The USA will NEVER get away with torturing someone from where we live.. we will EMBARRASS America into letting him go.

 Tilly said

We the young people of Pembrokeshire are brought up to tell the truth and to fight for what we believe in. I find it deeply disturbing that Bradley Manning is being held on suspicion of telling the truth. He is being tortured for trying to stop this inhumane murder disguised as war that is going on in the public’s name.

 Tessa said

Now they are slowly silencing that voice that has inspired me and so many others. So I have decided to stand up and speak for Bradley: Why are you doing this, why are you torturing him when there is no evidence that he has done anything wrong?


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