About Brad

Bradley Manning is in military jail in U.S.A. He was arrested in May 2010. He is just 23, his mother and her family live in Pembrokeshire where he went to school

He is charged with providing Wikileaks with films and reports which reveal some shocking information including the war-crimes that shocked the world.  www.collatoralmurder.com

 He has been in solitary confinement since July, he is punished for exercising or sleeping in the day and awoken through the night. His treatment is being investigated by the U.N. as torture.

 He has not been convicted of any crime. He is not allowed possessions, eg he was not allowed a pen to write letters. He has to wear shackles on arms and legs if he leaves his tiny windowless cell.

 The campaign is to stop the torture which is damaging his mind and body. He is charged with ‘Aiding the enemy’ which carries the death penalty, yet his only possible crime is ‘telling truth to power’, truths which shame or embarrass governments.

 He has dual citizenship, he is a UK citizen through his Welsh mother as well as a U.S. soldier. So far the UK government has done nothing to help him, although they could. We want to change that, urgently.

 Email, write or phone your MP, ask them to sign Early Day Motion 1624, ask to meet them to discuss how they can help. Do it quickly.